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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Web Hosting?
Website hosting or Web hopsting, is the renting of a server by Peak Beak to its users. This allows a website to be put on the internet, without hosting files on a server there is no way to let other people see your website.
What makes Peak Beak standout from other hosting providers?
We at Peak Beak strive to make hosting affordable and available to everyone. We are there every step of the way to make sure our users have the support and help that they need. Secondly, Peak Beak has the most feature rich packages around, we offer unlimted email accounts, free CMS install, and more.
What type of Hosting do I need?
It all depends on the size of your website and what you plan on doing. We offer free consultations if you are unsure what you need. A good rule of thumb: if you are a small business/startup, the bronze plan should be all that you need. However, if you plan on rapidly expanding, you may want to increase your plan to silver.
How can you help me and how can I reach your support?
email, create a ticket in your customer area, or use the contact us page.
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